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Kuala Lipis is a mukim and capital of Lipis District, Pahang, Malaysia with a population of 20,000. Kuala Lipis was the administrative capital of Pahang for 57 years from 1898 until 27 August 1955, when Kuantan was picked as the new capital. Lipis was blessed with many types of minerals such as tin and gold, and products from the surrounding forests. Kuala Lipis is on the Jungle Railway between Tumpat and Gemas. It is in particular the first and the end station of several trains running from Singapore (Southern part of the jungle line) or from Tumpat (Northern part). The main street is Jalan Besar, with many old Chinese houses. The current Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Tun Razak was born in Kuala Lipis.

Sebarang Pertanyaan dan Tempahan Sila Hubungi :
Encik Mohd : 019-4190951

Kemudahan Kuala Lipis Homestay
[+] Katil,tilam,cadar,bantal,gebar
[+] TV Injoy
[+] Peti Ais
[+] 3 bilik beraircond
[+] Sterika, alat mengosok
[+] Alat memasak
[+] Peralatan makan dan minum

Lokasi yang Berdekatan
[+] Bank Rakyat
[+] 7 Eleven
[+] Kedai Dobi
[+] Kedai Makan/Food Court
[+] Stesen Bas
[+] Hospital IPG
[+] MRSM
[+] Kolej Vokasional

Sebarang Pertanyaan dan Tempahan Sila Hubungi:
Encik Mohd : 019-4190951

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